Terror and the availability heuristic. Film as a transformative process.

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3 terror attacks in the UK in the last 12 weeks have shaken our country. Producing fear in the most rational of people. We are scared, we imagine our children being taken from us as many tragically were in Manchester on the 22nd of May. We empathise with those who have been directly effected, so deeply that we feel directly affected ourselves.

We know, rationally, that these are statistically rare occurrences, there is more risk in crossing the road or driving in a car than there is of suffering in a terror attack. The frequency however, and the news coverage of such attacks have made these imaginings, ideas, fears and deep empathetic understandings vividly available in our minds.

With the up-coming general election just days away the coverage of political information and comments from parliament members of the tragic terror attacks flood not only the news; but social media, office…

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Exploring Embodied Academic Identity

The collaborative academic film between myself and Dr. Jennifer Leigh will be screened at the University of Kent at 1pm in the UELT seminar room. The film explores embodied practice in academics from varying disciplines and stages of career and how this affects their identity. The film also explores the value of creative art in academic data.