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Today we are doing ‘The Big Latch On’ which is a national breastfeeding event. Part of World Breastfeeding Week. We are using it as an opportunity, as well, to raise awareness of the consultation which Kent County Council is currently undertaking, proposing to make a big cut to the breastfeeding services in Kent.

I became a peer supporter after I had him because i thought that no mum should have to suffer with no support
Breastfeeding is important because its about the health of, not only our generation of babies, but future generations, and also the mum’s health as well.
People deem it as a natural process, and yes, it is, But if you’ve never watched that process, in your culture or in your society; of you don’t have fellow women who will teach you how to do it, then how are you supposed to learn a new skill like that?
That’s what this peer support service has done, that’s what the lactation consultant did for us.
Sometimes its help, but a lot of it is emotional support to keep going. To be in a group of mums who are going through the same things as you, and can give you support to keep going.
I’ve had three children all you’ve been tongue tied, so I had difficulty trying to breastfeed initially. Without the peer supporters, without the lactation consultant, without that specialist knowledge, I wouldn’t have succeeded and be where I am today.
It buoyed me and kept me going just to know that there was going to be one place each week I could go where someone would understand how it was feeling.
Mums aren’t going to receive the help and support they need and that is going to have an impact on breastfeeding rates in Kent. The health and wellbeing of babies in Kent and also the health and wellbeing of mums, both physical health and mental health.
It’s going to have massive implications if mums aren’t able to mother, in the way they want to mother.

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